Two Materials

For the fifth week of Intro to Fabrication, we were asked to make a project using two materials, neither of which could be acrylic or plywood. I ended up making an origami crane out of paper and a thin brass sheet.



First, I folded the origami paper into a crane. Thanks to Jenna Xu for teaching me the folding pattern!

Folding the Crane

Attaching the Brass

Once the crane was folded, I cut some triangles out of the brass sheet and used epoxy to glue the brass pieces to the wings and beak of the crane.

Before gluing for real, I tested the epoxy with some scrap paper and a small piece of metal.

One issue that I ran into was that the epoxy left some ugly marks on the brass and paper. If I were to do this again, I would experiment with ways of covering the paper/brass while the epoxy set.